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The Breasts of Tiresias

Thérèse becomes Tiresias and the social order of Zanzibar is turned on its head in this 21st-century take on Guillaume Apollinaire’s classic 1903 play. Reimagined as a vivid animated short, this surrealist fever dream becomes a playground to explore and subvert ideas about gender and sexuality, reproduction, and race.

The Breasts of Tiresias is part of the collection COVID-Classics: One-Act Plays for the Age of Quarantine, but you can also stream it individually here.

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Guillaume Apollinaire's The Breasts of Tiresias
directed by Robert Barry Fleming
animation by Yehudah Jai Husband
voices performed by Peter Hargrave, Brandon Meeks, Christina Acosta Robinson and Ken Robinson
Production Coordinator – Jessica Kay Potter
Sound Engineers – Lindsay Burdsall, Paul Doyle
Video Editor – Philip Allgeier
Dialect Coach – Rachel K. Carter

When I Read my Daughter Rudyard Kipling

In this brief animated series reminiscent of Charlie Brown, a daughter’s perceptive questions prompt her father to see Kipling’s tales in a new light. With humor and warmth, When I Read my Daughter Rudyard Kipling illuminates the way that a child’s curiosity can catalyze fresh insight.

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When I Read my Daughter Rudyard Kipling
by Manik Choksi
adapted from Just So Stories
by Rudyard Kipling

The Cast
Girl...Morgan Lustig
Dad...Manik Choksi