Acting Shakespeare


Acting Shakespeare

October 27
FROM 1–4 P.M.
Cost: $210


Give energy and life to language. Through textual clues, physical and vocal explorations, participants will gain confidence and clear tools of how to approach complex text. Learn how to use argument and rhetoric, embody the image of a word, understand the use of meter and embody the essence of the image. Finally, learn how to incorporate these into the creation of a specific character.

Classes are held in the 5th floor rehearsal halls of the Alexander Speer Building at 315 W. Market Street, Louisville. Please Note: Deadline to cancel class is 5 days prior to start of first class if class minimum is not met, unless otherwise discussed with instructor.

About the Instructor

D’Arcy Smith is an Associate Professor of Voice, Speech and Dialects at The University of Cincinnati, CCM. He was a resident voice, text and dialect coach at the Guthrie Theater and has worked as a teacher and voice/dialect coach in the United States, U.K., Canada and New Zealand.  He has also worked as a voice and dialect coach with many professional theaters including: Actors Theater Louisville, American Players Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, The Know Theater, Penumbra Theater, The Jungle Theater, Theater Latte Da, Park Square Theater, Illusion Theater, Circa Theater, Auckland Theater, Taki Rua and others. He has taught at The Central School for Speech and Drama in London, New Zealand’s National Drama School, University of Minnesota, the Canadian National Voice Intensive, and The Toronto Film School and York University.