In our upcoming play by Duncan Macmillan, a child begins a list of Every Brilliant Thing worth living for in response to their mother’s attempted suicide. As the child journeys into adulthood, the list evolves alongside them. From 1. ice creamto 10000. waking up late with someone you love, the audience is invited to join the storyteller in reflecting on the simple, wonderful, joyful things that inspire hope even in the darkest times. 

In conjunction with our production of Every Brilliant Thing, Actors Theatre of Louisville invites YOU to help us come up with a list of BRILLIANT things that bring joy and light into your life. 

How to Play

  1. 1.  Think of things that are genuinely wonderful and life-affirming

  2. 2.  Think beyond only material items

  3. 3.  Think positive and celebratory and inclusive (hateful or discriminatory items will be removed)

The list begins with:

    1. 1.  Ice cream

    2. 2.  Water fights

    3. 3.  Staying up past your bedtime and being allowed to watch TV

Other entries include:

    1. 2000.  Coffee

    2. 2001.  Films that are better than the books they’re adapted from

    3. 2002.  Seeing someone make it onto the train just as the doors are closing, making eye contact, and sharing in this little victory


To see the list so far, click HERE. 

Your brilliant thing can be one word, a phrase, or a sentence. You can submit 1 or 100.