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Acting Apprenticeship

Applications Open November 26


About the Apprenticeship


The acting apprenticeship offers a unique combination of performance, training, observation and networking.


Actors in the PTC are guaranteed to act in a variety of shows in the PTC season. Additionally, acting apprentices have the opportunity to audition for roles or serve as understudies in Actors’ mainstage season. All apprentices who are cast or understudy in the mainstage season earn weeks in the Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) program.


Our training focuses on the practical and the experiential. The cornerstone of that training is auditioning. Acting apprentices audition for actual roles in the mainstage season and their own season of shows. Mock auditions, using both monologues and sides, are held regularly with Actors staff, guest directors, and other visiting artists serving as respondents. Emphasis is placed not only on material preparation but also on how to be present and personable in the room.

Ideal Candidate Possesses

Navigating the actor/director relationship in rehearsal

Participating fully in the new play development process

An actor’s relationship with Equity and other trade unions


Negotiating your own contracts when you don’t have an agent

How to begin and maintain relationships with industry professionals (agents, casting directors, etc.)


Actors Theatre has an open-rehearsal policy. Acting apprentices are encouraged to watch the work of visiting artists, and regular debrief sessions are held to discuss those observations.


Acting apprentices are given the opportunity to interact (in both formal and informal settings) with every visiting actor, director, and playwright that works at Actors. Several industry professionals are brought in throughout the year from New York, Chicago and other cities to engage and work with the company.


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