Convergence Ball Workshops

What is magic? 
In this interactive workshop, Louisville's very own wizard Devin Person will guide participants through the process of creating their own unique ritual, imbued with meaning, symbolism, and significance. Looking for the magic that's all around us—rather than in any specific tradition or special effects—participants will act with intention, activate their imaginations, and make their reality... slightly better. 

This is a 45 minute workshop focused on youth 10-18. The workshop will be led by Devin Person. 

The Clinic 
An experience of arts, movement, play, and wonder to disrupt normal patterns and offer time and space for participants to feel seen, heard, and cared for. This workshop acknowledges the suffering of care providers and responds authentically to compassion. 

This is a 90-minute workshop with a focus on care givers of all kinds - healthcare workers, parents, teachers, and anyone who could use a space of creative compassion and self-care. The workshop will be led by Tara Rynders. Learn more about The Clinic at