Actors Theater of Louisville has partnered with Bindle, an app available on your smartphone, to quickly and easily grant you access to the theater spaces. Prior to your arrival, please follow the instructions below to download and set up your Entry Pass in Bindle.

Actors Theatre of Louisville is requiring that all guests either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or provide proof of negative PCR or Rapid Antigen COVID test within 24 hours prior to the beginning of their scheduled performance. 

PLEASE NOTE: For those guests who either do not have a smartphone or have not completed setup prior to their arrival, you also have the option of bringing your vaccination card or negative test result to the theater.

There will be check-in tables in the lobbies of our first and Mezzanine floors. This is where you will need to show your Bindle Entry Pass, Vaccine Card or Negative Test Result, in addition to your photo ID to further enter the facility.

Verification & Masks Required

Every person with a ticket entering the building, including children, will be asked to provide documentation of either full vaccination against COVID-19, a negative PCR, or a Rapid Antigen COVID test within 24 hours of their scheduled performance. If you have purchased multiple tickets for companions to join you, please ensure that they are aware of this requirement.

Face masks covering the nose and mouth without gaps must be worn at all times—including while seated during the performance. We recommend N95 Respirators or Surgical Masks which provide a higher grade of filtration. Disposable surgical face masks will be provided to any guest who does not bring an appropriate face covering.

What is Bindle?

Bindle is a health verification app that was purpose-built to respect the right of personal privacy. No biometrics are required, and no personal health information is shared with Bindle or Actors Theatre of Louisville. Individuals can safely store COVID-19 vaccine records and negative tests using Bindle's military-grade encryption, then transform these health records into anonymous entry passes. With Bindle, personal identity and health information are kept strictly private. Individuals have control of their own data, not Big Tech or government entities.


Bindle Instruction Video



Quick Guide to Setting Up Bindle

1. Download the Bindle app on your smartphone.

2. Create your Bindle account if you don’t already have one.

3. Load your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or Negative Test Result.

4. Once you have verified your information, click on “Passes” and search for “Actors Theatre of Louisville”

5. Click Create Entry Pass. You’ll be presented with a pass with a green checkmark and QR code.

6. When you arrive at the theater, open the Entry Pass in your Bindle App and our staff will scan the QR code to allow you entry. Please also have your ticket to the production available on your phone or printed out.

Detailed Setup Guide


Bindle App Setup Guide

1. Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “My Bindle.”

2. After you download the app, set up an account on the Bindle app by providing a Selfie, your email address, and your date of birth. A special code will be sent to your email address to verify that you are you.

3. With Bindle, your identity is kept strictly confidential in order to protect your sensitive health information. That means we don't have access to your data. When setting up your password, it is important that you save it somewhere secure. If you lose your password, you'll need to set up a new Bindle wallet.

4. Go to My Certificates on your Bindle and tap the “+” icon and follow the instructions to upload a photo of your vaccination card or negative test result, which will serve as a digital record.

5. Go to My Passes on your Bindle and search for “Actors Theatre of Louisville”. Click Pass Details if you want to view our screening policy.

6. Click Create Entry Pass. The Entry Pass tells you whether or not you pass the screening policy set by the destination you wish to access.

7. When you arrive, the staff will scan your Entry Pass to verify whether you meet the criteria. Please also have your ticket to the production available on your phone or printed out.

Health & Safety Policies

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