Know Before You Go

Useful tips for your visit



Is it your first time coming to our theatre? Or has it been a while? Here are some tips to make the most of your visit with us.


Before You Arrive

What to Wear

There is no dress code to attend a performance at Actors Theatre. Feel free to wear whatever you want! We recommend you check the weather before you come, though. Things like coats, scarves, hats and umbrellas can be dropped off at Coat Check from October through April.

We also suggest that you dress in layers that can easily be added or removed from your seat, in case you find the theatre to be either on the warm or cool side during your performance.

Research Your Show

If you’re unfamiliar with the production you’re about to see, we release a lot of content to help get you up to speed! Explore the site to learn more about your show, and get the ultimate experience during your performance. The performance’s show page is a great place to start: from there you can learn age recommendations and audience advisories. 

Check Out Events

We have a lot of events that happen at the theatre, and many of them are free! Did you know that we hold a play discussion at the theatre for each production in our Brown-Forman Series? Take a look at our Special Events page for all the info regarding events that may be happening on or near your performance date.

When To Arrive

We recommend you budget enough time to arrive early to your performance. Patrons are allowed in the theatre 30 minutes before the show officially begins, but if you arrive earlier than that, feel free to spend time in our lobby spaces. You can grab a drink at the bar or take a look at the artwork in the Roanne H. Victor Gallery.

Traffic in downtown Louisville can be tricky, especially when there’s an event at the KFC Yum! Center across the street. We recommend you take a look at traffic apps or websites like Google Maps or Waze for the most current traffic.

Late Seating in the Pamela Brown Auditorium and Bingham Theatre is at the discretion of the House Manager, and, for your safety they may wait for a break in the action of the show before taking you into the theatre. You may be directed to alternate seats or standing room if you arrive after the performance has begun. Please note there is no late seating in the Victor Jory Theatre.

Bottom line, make sure you leave in plenty of time to arrive before the time indicated on your ticket. You don’t want to be late!


While You're Here


Actors Theatre has its own parking garage located on the corner of Third and Main Streets. There are entrances on both streets. We will hold an ample number of spots in our garage to accommodate the parking needs of all Theatre patrons, volunteers and staff when theatre and arena events occur on the same day.

The Main Street garage entrance is closed as an exit-only between 4-6 p.m. on weekdays.

Lobby Enrichment

If you do arrive early to your performance, feel free take a look around our lobby spaces.  We have a lot going on in there from artwork on the walls to engaging whiteboard questions and banners that will tell you more about the show. You might also find some fun photo opportunities with the casts after Dracula and A Christmas Carol.


If you need to use the restroom at any point, there are restrooms located on Level One by Coat Check and on the Mezzanine Level behind the bar. We welcome gender diversity and encourage you to use whichever restroom is most comfortable to you. If you prefer more privacy, take the Box Office elevator down to Level B, where there are lockable gender-neutral restrooms opposite the elevator.

Food and Drink

The Mezzanine Bar is a great place to meet with friends before the show and grab a cocktail. We even have cocktails that are especially created for each production! You are welcome to bring your drinks into the theatre, but please finish any food (including candy) in the lobby.

Actors Theatre is also the home to a restaurant, owned and operated by celebrity chef Ed Lee. Learn more about MilkWood.


Ushers hand out programs at every performance as you enter the theatre. Programs contain a lot of information about the cast and crew and more information about the show itself. We recommend taking the time to flip through them!

You can also find digital copies of our programs here.


First thing’s first, make sure you know what theatre your performance is in! You can find this information on the show page or on your ticket, as well as on signs in our garage. Once you’re in the building, a House Manager should be able to help you locate the right theatre space.

Your seat section and number will be marked on your ticket, but if you’re still unsure of where to go, an usher can direct you to your seat. For more explicit information on where to go, explore our Theatres.

If you're looking for further services and amenities, we offer a number of options from large-print programs to sensory friendly performances. Learn more and explore the schedule for special performances. If you would like to exchange your tickets for a performance that would be more comfortable for you, please contact our Box Office.

Cell Phones

You’re allowed to bring your cell phone into the theatre, however we just ask that you please silence it before the show starts. You’ll be reminded of this during the pre-show announcements, as well. We also ask that you refrain from texting during the performance. 

You may take pictures before or after the performance or during intermission, but the use of any device to photograph or record during the performance is strictly prohibited.


After the Show

Curtain Call

When the show is over, the actors will come back on stage for their final bow. This is your opportunity to applaud for them after all their hard work. Feel free to stand or remain seated as they take their bow. A standing ovation indicates that you really enjoyed the play you just saw. That, and applause, makes the cast and crew feel appreciated.

Before you leave, be sure to check that you have all of your personal items. We want you to stay safe, so we encourage you to wait until the lights have been fully raised before exiting the theatre.

Share Your Experience

We want to hear from you! Share your experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and feel free to tag us on any of these platforms. Let us know what you thought about the play and/or your overall experience. You can also email us at