Land Acknowledgement


At Actors Theatre of Louisville, we believe it is important to acknowledge the history of the people here before us and of the land we reside on. We recognize that by not acknowledging the stewards of this land, we perpetuate the legacy of violence, genocide, and of forcibly removing Indigenous people from this area and from its history.

The area we occupy, now called Kentucky, is the homeland of more than twenty Indigenous tribes, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Shawnee, and Osage peoples. Although the federal government does not officially recognize the existence of Native Americans in Kentucky, we want to honor the land itself, as well as honor and acknowledge the presence and influence of Indigenous people of the past, and the over 30,000 Native Americans living in Kentucky today.

This acknowledgement in no way takes the place of an effective communication and relationship with the land or with Indigenous people, but serves as a first step into honoring the land, and building community with those who inhabit this land with us.

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