We want to do everything we can to make your visit enjoyable and accessible. Here are some of the services and amenities we offer.

Navigating the Facility


Designated Accessible spaces are available on the Main Street side of the garage on Level M and Level 3. If all of the designated Accessible spots are claimed, parking on any level of the garage by the Main Street elevators will allow you to access the theater complex without the use of stairs. 

Entering the Building

Our facilities are closed outside of performance times. Ticketed guests may begin entering the building one hour prior to a scheduled performance. The lobbies of all three of our theaters are accessible via the Main Street elevator, and on the street level, guests can also enter the complex through the door next to the Main Street garage entrance.


Each of our restroom facilities (two located on Level 1; two located on the Mezzanine Level) include a wheelchair-accessible stall. Additional restrooms are located on Level B off of the Main Street elevators; each is equipped with a wheelchair accessible stall and a lockable door to accommodate private use. 

Wheelchair Accessible Seating

Wheelchair Accessible seating is in Section 3, Row gg of the Bingham Theater, just inside the Mezzanine Level entrance. These seats are denoted on the seat map by an icon.   

Wheelchair Accessible seats may be left in place for someone to transfer into from their wheelchair, or may be removed from the theater to make room for someone who remains in their wheelchair throughout the performance.  

Wheelchair Accessible seating is reserved for guests requiring the features of these seats and their companions.   

Add any details about your seating requirements (i.e., "will transfer” or “remove seat for motorized chair”) that you would like us to be aware of to your Order Notes. A team member will follow up with you to ensure that we are prepared for your visit.   

If a guest seated in a Wheelchair Accessible seat does not need the specific features of the accessible seat or location, Actors reserves the right to re-seat the ticket holder to an alternate seating location. 

Wider Seating Options

Wider seats in the Bingham are: ee 201-202, ee 209-210, ee 401-402, ee 409-410, ee 601-602, ee 609-610, ee 801-802, ee 809-810, cc 103-107, cc 303-307, cc 503-507 and cc 703-707.  

For alternative options to fixed theater seats, including free-standing armless chairs, please contact us at and a team member will be in touch regarding availability.

Open Captioning

Unless otherwise stated, Open Captioned performances will fall on the first Sunday afternoon and second Thursday of the run of a show.  

Open Captioning is available on your personal mobile device. Any device that can open and access a web browser can display the transcription. Actors Theatre has a select number of devices available for guests without mobile devices.


For performances in the Bingham Theater, device holders that attach to the railing in front of your seat are available at the Radical Hospitality Hub. Please note that seats in rows aa-cc in the Bingham Theater do not have a railing in front of them.

• Make sure the volume on your device is turned off, including ringers and notification alerts.

• Consider putting your device in Dark Mode if that is an option, to reduce screen luminosity during the performance.

Assistive Listening Devices

The theaters are equipped with an FM wireless system for hearing enhancement. Guests may borrow an Assistive Listening Device from Actors Theatre of Louisville for use during the performance. ALDs are available for guests at the Radical Hospitality Hub. The receivers may be used with traditional earbuds or, for T-Coil users, an integrated neck loop/lanyard.  

Please note, for productions in the Bingham Theater, staging is “in the round,” which means that performers will have their backs to various sections of the audience at different moments. Some guests find it more difficult to hear when they cannot see the performer’s lips moving. If you may benefit from an Assistive Listening Device for this or any other reason, please feel free to check one out.  

Sensory Friendly Accommodations


- Unless otherwise stated, ASL-interpreted performances will fall on the first Sunday afternoon of the run of a show. 

-For assitance selecting seats that will have optimal access to view the interpreters as well as the stage, email


How can we help?

Accessibility and Ticketing

For questions about accessible seating options, please email

Actors Theatre is proud to be part of the Autism Friendly Community, spearheaded by Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Louisville.