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Theatre in the 21st-century is an inherently interdisciplinary craft and Robert Barry Fleming, Executive Artistic Director at Actors Theatre of Louisville, finds inspiration everywhere. Each week, Robert talks with an unrivaled expert, full of ideas, strategies and challenges around their work then investigates that which is consonant and connected to how they navigate their discipline and their world no matter what the field. It’s a podcast about that which we can learn from one another when such learning is approached with a spirit of openness and then becomes ingested as the borrowed wisdom of one’s treasure trove of knowing and doing.

Episode 4: "COVID-19 and Systemic Racism: Dual Public Health Crises, ft Dr. Monalisa Tailor"

Dr. Monalisa Tailor shares a COVID-19 primer and chats with Robert about being “the first” in leadership positions and approaching healthcare from a human-first perspective.

Monalisa Tailor, MD is a practicing outpatient internist with Norton Community Medical Associates: Barret. As only the 6th female President of the Greater Louisville Medical Society, the first Indian American, and one of the youngest Presidents in its history, she is honored to be able to serve the Louisville community in this role.

Dr. Tailor  is a native of Bowling Green, KY. Her parents are Indian immigrants who are self employed business owners. She graduated from the University of Kentucky summa cum laude in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. She then graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine Class of 2010.

Actor and musician Nick Cordero passed away from COVID-19 on July 5, 2020. Here is the link to the memorial fund to benefit Amanda Kloots, his wife, and their 10-month old son.

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Robert Barry Fleming

Executive Artistic Director and host of Borrowed Wisdom

Robert Barry Fleming served as Associate Artistic Director at Cleveland Play House from 2016–2019. Prior to Cleveland Play House, he served as the Director of Artistic Programming at Arena Stage.

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