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Every Brilliant Thing

In response to their mother’s attempted suicide, a child begins a list of Every Brilliant Thing worth living for. As the child journeys into adulthood, the list evolves alongside them. From 1. ice cream to 10000. waking up late with someone you love, the audience is invited to join the storyteller in reflecting on the simple, wonderful, joyful things that inspire hope even in the darkest times.  

Ali Summit

Inspired by the 1967 summit of prominent Black athletes who met to question Muhammad Ali about his conscientious objection to military service, this virtual project is a collaboration between playwright Idris Goodwin, director Robert Barry Fleming, and the extended reality storytellers and immersive artists of Crux Cooperative. 


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Learn more about the next three live, onstage theatrical productions: Every Brilliant Thing, THREADS OF OUR HISTORY: Where We Intertwine, and Still Ready