Our donors are vital partners in this work. Read our 2023 Impact Report to learn about the more than 30 collaborations we've developed since March 2021, and how your donation makes programming with local, national, and global impact possible.

Access and Inclusion  

Actors Theatre of Louisville is an arts and culture organization as social enterprise, dedicated to service, building community, and creating positive social change. It is critical to the success of our mission that our services be accessible and inclusive to all, and especially to those historically and systemically excluded. 

Intersection of Art & Wellness  

Art heals on an individual and communal scale, with quantitative and qualitative data supporting the essential nature of the arts for physical, mental, and emotional health. Actors Theatre leverages our expertise in art-based practices to support the full flourishing of our communities through productions, programs, and partnerships at the intersection of art and wellness. 

Cross-Cultural Coalition-Building  

Actors Theatre of Louisville is a public forum for the exchange of ideas and civic dialogue. Our goal is to create nurturing spaces for humans from disparate life experiences to exchange sustainable strategies and practices for mutual thriving. 

Learning & Creative Engagement  

Actors Theatre of Louisville cultivates life-long learners. Invigorated by the belief that art-based tools set young people up for success in all areas of life, our Learning and Creative Engagement initiatives offer various points of entry in school, on stage, and online. 

Thank you to our artists, members, donors, community partners, volunteers, and all who have engaged in the Storytelling (R)evolution for making this transformational work possible!