Donor Spotlight

The Wunsches

“We got married in 1965,” the year following Actors Theatre’s founding, says Ed. “One year later, on our first anniversary, Anne gave me a subscription to Actors Theatre.” They have been loyal theatregoers ever since.

Not only were the Wunsches celebrating their first year of marriage, but Ed had also completed his first year of graduate school. He was about to start his second year studying clinical social work at the University of Louisville.

I remember the first play we saw—Miss Julie by August Strindberg,” recalls Ed. For one of his graduate courses, Ed was assigned short “learning papers,” to explore topics covered in class. Ed wrote about Miss Julie after seeing the play. “As all good art does, it takes you to a different level of understanding about humanity,” he says. “There’s something about live theatre that is unique in doing that.”

Reflecting upon their more recent Actors Theatre experiences, Anne appreciates the way today’s theatremakers respond to contemporary issues and how that makes the audience think. “I think you need to be exposed to different points of view, to try and understand them,” she observes. “If you don’t, then I think you’re missing something. We are all part of the human race and we can’t all be the same. That’s what theatre helps you understand.”

Ed and Anne are both from Louisville, and they raised their children here and made sure the arts were part of their lives. The family attended Saturday matinees at Actors Theatre for many years. “I think it’s so important to expose children to the arts,” says Anne. “You enjoy them and carry them with you through your whole life.” When asked why they donate to Actors Theatre, Ed recalls an expression he once heard: “‘If you’re able, you’re obligated.’ We have enjoyed Actors Theatre so much and feel obligated to do something.”

“You give to what you love,” remarks Anne. “When you love something, you want to see it survive and thrive. And hope that giving builds something for the future, for the community.”