1. Ten minute plays are...lemon squares???

It may seem like the only difference between ten-minute plays and full plays are their length. However, Shareef Elkady, PTC directing apprentice and director of one of the pieces in The Tens, shares a metaphor to help understand why they are special. “10 minute plays are these little bites of life, I once had a theatre professor call them lemon squares: small, sweet, delightful.” Sugary treats and theatre? Our two favorite things!

2. You get to experience six plays —not just one!

You’re going to experience six wildly different worlds. The variety makes for a fast-paced evening of excitement. “It’s a lot of bang for your buck!” says Emily Moler, PTC directing apprentice and director for The Tens, “You’re not just getting one fully realized world but you’re getting six.”

3. Have we mentioned the price?

Speaking of bucks, it’s only ten of them if you buy your tickets in advance! (Taxes and fees apply, but it’s still one of the most affordable entertainment options you’ll find). Still not convinced? You can also pay what you can at the door.

4. The talent, though

There are some talented artists that put together this show. Directing assistant (and PTC member!) Rachel Bischoff said it best: “It is incredible to be in the rehearsal room with other young theatre professionals and see the work that people our age are capable of creating.”

5. We want to party with you!

We’re in the mood to celebrate this amazing production. And we want you to join us! Every night, starting an hour before the show, we’re throwing a special pre-show hangout in our lobby. Join us for music, drinks, a photo booth and a chance to write your own ten-word play! And that’s not all...

6. We’re also featuring talented community performers

Not only will you get to see the next great theatre artists from our Professional Training Company, we’re bringing in five different members of the community (one for each night). Come see a ten-minute performance from your future favorite artist. That’s before the show even starts!

7. Signature Cocktail: The Perfect 10 👌

It’s a five dollar treat that will leave you feeling like a 10! Packing a big punch, this number is filled with ginger beer and bourbon, garnished with a sweet slice of orange. Not feeling it? Let us get you something else! We’ll have a full bar available during our pre-show party.

8. The past meets the present

The past meets the present in an exciting and new way this year. The Tens will feature six ten-minute plays from our theatre’s extensive library of original plays. Your favorite pieces from Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Gregory Hischak, Mike Lew, Marco Ramirez, Emily Schwend, Sarah Grace Welbourn and Annabeth Bondor-Stone are coming back to the Actors Theatre stage and you DON’T want to miss their revival. One of the perks of The Tens is the collaboration between Professional Training Company members and guest artists. One of this year’s directors, Rachel Dart, is an alumna of the Professional Training Company. “It's been so much fun for me as a PTC alumna myself — I feel like we share a baseline common language in a really fun way. I can't wait to see what they all do next.” It’s one of the exciting reminders that the network of the Professional Training Company extends well past the apprentices’ time in Louisville.

9. Get to know the next generation of American Theatre

You may have seen them perform this fall, but this is your chance to get to know the whole PTC in one evening of theatre. Like many members of the PTC, Directing Assistant Emma Leff says she’s really passionate about theatre that’s produced by young people, ensemble-based and intimately staged. (Ladies and gentlemen, the PTC season.) “I think the combination of those factors means that there is a lot of heart and spirit in these pieces,” says Leff.

10. It’s just going to be fun and exciting!

Honestly, this is theatre at it’s best. It’s funny, it’s moving, it’s unexpected, it’s wild — all in ten minutes. You’ll see stories with mimes, coffee shop romances, drag racing and copy machine tragedies. “It's exciting to get a full story told to you in such a short time,” states Kyle Haden, another of the directors. We’re convinced: a ten-minute play really is the perfect bite size, lemon square.

Join us for The Tens, January 15-19! You can grab your tickets in advance for just $10 or pay what you can at the door.