Actors Theatre of Louisville is an arts organization as social enterprise, dedicated to service, building community, and creating positive social change. Over the past several years, we have evolved into a multiplatform company, offering live productions in our theater venues alongside a variety of digital projects that can be experienced from anywhere in the world. Our focus is both deeply local and global, grounded in the ethos that powerful artistry with roots in our region has global resonance. Actors Theatre’s commitment to developing new work and sharing new stories is a cornerstone of our programming as we explore the intersection of art, technology, and social transformation.

We have reimagined the process for writers and other generative artists to share their work with our team. Before reaching out to us, please read this page and take a look around our website to see if your work aligns with the ways we are striving to serve our mission.


At this time, we’re primarily reviewing materials as a way to get to know artists and expand our knowledge of voices with whom we might find an affinity and an opportunity to support in the future. Instead of focusing on consideration for a specific season, this effort is part of a long-term, ongoing process to find creative synergies and grow relationships.


Actors Theatre of Louisville is accepting unproduced full-length plays, as well as reviewing work that takes other forms, such as spoken word performance, movement-based work, and interdisciplinary projects that mix theatrical vocabularies with new media.

If you’re sending a video or other digital project, whether recently completed or already in release, we’ll consider whether it might be a fit for one of our platforms. We invite you to take a look the multiplatform virtual projects included in our streaming catalogue and digital Member Library here.

Our mission is to unlock human potential, build community, and enrich quality of life by engaging people in theatre that reflects the wonder and complexity of our time. In terms of content, we’re especially invested in supporting (but not limited to):

  • Work that centers and honors the lived experiences of systemically excluded communities and voices.
  • Stories with global resonance that also speak to and about folx in our region, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of both urban and rural communities in the Midwest and the South.
  • Artistry that aims to nourish the human spirit and support mental and emotional well-being, creating space to build resiliency and find connection, healing, and joy.
  • Storytelling that envisions a path forward in the complex struggle toward our collective liberation.


If you feel that your creative work is in conversation with Actors Theatre of Louisville’s mission, we look forward to receiving an email with your new script or video link, website, or other supporting materials to introduce one of your projects at

Please note that due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we do not have the capacity to respond to every query. You will hear back from us only if we are interested in exploring your project further.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your work with Actors Theatre of Louisville!