Where Did We Sit on the Bus?

November 4–December 6, 2020

In the Victor Jory Theatre

Run Time: TBD
by Brian Quijada
directed by Matt Dickson


During a third-grade lesson on Rosa Parks, a Latino boy asks a question his teacher can’t answer: where did his people sit on the bus? Inspired by that experience, this infectious one-man show captures a young man’s coming of age in an immigrant family, searching for his place in American history. Told with an energetic mix of rap, hip-hop, spoken word, and live looping, Where Did We Sit on the Bus? is a rhythm-infused tribute to honoring one’s roots—and to finding identity in making art.

Audience Advisory: 
Includes strong language and discussion of racial inequality and conflict at the Mexico-United States border.
Age Recommendations: 13+
To learn more about this audience advisory, please call the Box Office.

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