Threads Of Our History: 
Where We Intertwine 


As we safely welcome audiences into the theater, we are requiring that everyone present proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result within 24 hours of their performance, along with a photo ID, to attend. Masks must be worn properly over the nose and mouth while inside the facility.


MARCH 25-27, 2022
Live in The Bingham Theater

Directed by Keith McGill

THREADS OF OUR HISTORY: Where We Intertwine explores the social justice past and present of Louisville, KY through the lens of one family and those intertwined with it across multiple generations. The play unfolds in a series of vignettes, each written by a different student or group of students focusing on an array of topics: from race-based oppression and protest, to ableism, to mental health, to the LGBTQ+ community and adoption, to generational trauma and healing.

Journeying into Louisville's rich cultural history, with scenes on Black Walnut Street and at the Kentucky Derby, the play is also a window into students' lives today, as they strive for justice and compassion in their own journeys.  Over 50 students from more than 10 different JCPS schools contributed to this project. 

Run Time: Approximately 80 minutes.
Content Warning: Police Brutality

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Ticket Prices

Member Tickets: 
Purple Members: $7.50 no fees (Limit 4 tickets)
Red Members: $12 no fees (Limit 4 tickets)
Blue Members: $15 no fees
Green Members: $15 plus fees

Open Captioning is available on your personal mobile device for the performance on Sunday, March 27 at 2 p.m. Any smart phone browser can access the transcription during the performance. Please let the Radical Hospitality Team member checking you in or  scanning your tickets know that you would like to access the captioning service and they will provide you with the link. Actors Theatre will also have a limited number of devices available for this use for those without a smart phone. 
We ask that you silence all notifications on your device during the performance. The text is white and will be over a black background. 
This is a new way of offering Open Captions and we invite anyone utilizing the service to provide feedback so we can learn from your experience.