Presenting the Cast of ROMEO AND JULIET: LOUISVILLE 2020

Actors Theatre of Louisville announces the cast of Romeo and Juliet: Louisville 2020

In this retelling, an unprecedented global pandemic and social unrest embroil the nation in conflict as Romeo and Juliet, the children of sworn enemies, dare to imagine a world where hearts are not ruled by hatred but by love. This passion-filled interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic narrative explores the entrenched divisions that animate contemporary culture — and the tragic costs of intolerance.

Cast members include:

Avery Deutsch as Juliet 
Justin Jackson as Romeo 
Ken Robinson as Lord Montague 
Christina Acosta Robinson as Lady Montague 
Henry Coffey as Lord Capulet Chris 
Jennifer Mudge as Lady Capulet
Devin Haqq as Friar Laurence 
Jessica Wortham as Nurse 
Lance Newman as Mercutio 
Isiah Fish as Benvolio 
Alexander Stuart as Tybalt 
Eric Sheffer-Stevens as Prince Escalus 

Production Credits

Director Robert Barry Fleming
Adaptor and Dramaturg Amy Wegener
Line Producer Sujotta Pace

Original Story by William Shakespeare

ROMEO AND JULIET: LOUISVILLE 2020 runs February 1-May 31, 2021

Learn more about the cast here.