Louisville Sessions


A new series from musicians throughout Kentucky

Each self-curated session features an artist responding to this moment through an original song and visual capture. These sessions celebrate the vast sound, feel, and artistry of our state. All releases and the collaborative compilation will be publicly available.

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This program is supported by an External Agency grant from the Louisville Metro Government.



Bridge 19

October 22, 2020

Bridge 19 is a touring band based out of Louisville, KY. They offer a sound pallet of moody electric guitars, horns, accordion,
& pedal steel - with rythmic stylings of Nola jazz meets americana. Vocal harmony is the corner stone, and makes Bridge 19 unique and transfixing. Bridge 19 somehow closes the gap between americana, singer/songwriter, vintage soul, folk, & pop. One of the few bands that you can both dance and cry to.

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Chanson Calhoun

OCTOBER 2, 2020

On August 14th, 2014 Chanson launched her independent music career with a full concert which was located at HARD ROCK LOUISVILLE. She is now the first African American female local artist to headline a show at Hard Rock Louisville. Because of this thrilling concert, the songstress has managed to build an empire of dedicated entrepreneurs willing to offer their time and talents to help her become the most successful entertainer to come out of Louisville. She has worked intensely with her brother, Harold Calhoun, (also known as SOLE) artist/producer. He has been producing for her since she was 13 and they have created an amazing debut album titled “ELEMENT”. This masterpiece is a monumental introduction to who she is and what she stands for, women empowerment.Since the 2018 release, the recording studio became a regular place of solitude for Chanson to craft the highly anticipated EP titled STRANGE, set to release in late 2020/early 2021.

On August 14th 2020, she became a full time CEO/founder and manager of Enchanted Boutique and Creative Space. This Frankfort Avenue creative Mecca is something for artists to have access to for putting on shows and selling their merchandise, as well as a whole list of other services/businesses that Chanson has utilized her talents to provide.

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Tiny Tiny


Tiny Tiny began as a solo project for songwriter Boone Williams of Somerset, KY. After releasing a slew of demos and underground recordings, signing with an overseas record label, and constantly reinventing Tiny Tiny’s sonic pallet, Williams went rogue. Fellow Somerset musicians Phillip Claunch and Aaron Todd joined the cast making Tiny Tiny what it is today. 3 friends in south central Kentucky, independently making freaky pop music. They are nice and you can trust them.


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