The Other America: An Anne Braden Story



The Other America: An Anne Braden Story 
by Squallis Puppeteers

Written and directed by Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, and featuring puppetry by Nora Christensen, Skylar Tatro, Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, and Jordan Lanham 

Additional voices by Joe Cummings and Keith McGill 

Music by Nathan Salsburg

Inspired by Anne Braden's 1985 memoir The Wall Between, this film uses multiple forms of puppetry to tell a story of two families who challenged Louisville, Kentucky's segregated housing market. In 2002, an elderly Ann Braden recounts from her living room the 1954 story of when she and her husband Carl (both of whom were white) purchased a house in an all-white neighborhood on behalf of their friends Andrew and Charlotte Wade (who were Black). The Wades and Bradens endured a backlash of white supremacist hatred in the midst of anti-communist hysteria, and none of their lives would ever be the same again.

Run Time: 42 minutes

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Content Warning: Contains images and stories of racially-motivated violence, including references to lynching.  

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The production of this film was supported in part by the Kentucky Foundation for Women, the Fund for the Arts, Louisville Metro Government, and the Kentucky Arts Council. 
Actors Theatre of Louisville would also like to thank Brown-Forman and the Shubert Foundation for their generous seasonal support